The Only One feat. Bobbi Dahl

from by Teams



i don’t want to talk no more
you’re getting on my fucking nerves
silly stalker whore
i thought you’d be my bff
but you’re just mildly obsessed
all in my fucking house
staring peeks at my breasts
knew that this would blow up in my face
that time you called me your queen
your your grace
i can’t lie
i loved it
having a servant, a do-girl
i loved it
so now what
you want to cut your hair like mine
buy the same wardrobe as i
be all up on my guy
no way
no how
i’ll kill you first
boom bam bitch pow

you haven’t seen crazy yet trick
but i’m about to release it
level the steel to your brow
i’m gonna have to pull my 22 out
i will try to avoid your face when
i pull my piece up out of my waist and
level the steel to your brow
i’m sending you to the bloody devil now

this is getting ridiculous
bitch you already know
there is only one of me
so get your shit and blow
i said get your shit and blow
get your shit and blow
i mean it now
run that trick
now get your shit and blow
i don’t want you around no more
cuz you’re a-fucking-annoying
you’re mildly retarded
and your wit is really boring
i want to give you barumpapump
take you on a manhunt
show you how to live your life
but then you will never go away
it just might encourage you to try and stay another day
so my beauty secrets
and maneater tips
i’ll keep them close close to my chest chest and um button my lips
just put my foot in your ass
and let you figure out the rest
so i’ll tell you one more time trick
and i swear if you fucking whine bitch
the end will come much faster than you ever expected
my 9 will go off
and then i will be arrested


in case you didn’t know it
i can no longer deal
you keep trying to steal my scene it’ll be a scene forreal
i’ll close my eyes and bust
squeeze a few rounds if i must
erase you now
and shut it down
give you a break from the earth


from Dxys Xff, released April 3, 2011



all rights reserved